Young pines / Młode sosny

Running time: 43'

GER 2011, 43’

“Young Pines” was made during three trips to Japan. The director visited the island state for the first time in 2009 as part of a film tour. “Everywhere – even in the big cities – I felt the strong connection the Japanese have to Nature. I was fascinated that there appeared to be no conflict between Nature and culture, and this seemed to link up with my own work.” (Ute Aurand) The result is a series of delicate images with impressions from many parts of Japan. In addition to young pines we see people in a hat shop, busy with the harvest, on the streets, branches moving in the wind, sparkling or smooth bodies of water, but also foaming floods, with or without sound, filmed before 11 March 2011 – and cut after that date.




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