dokumentART 2013: 21.10.2013, Monday, 15:00
Teatr Kana, pl. Świętego Piotra i Pawła 4/5 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny:

Project authors: Franziska Mandel and Oliver Spatz
Chairman of the jury and head of the workshops: Stanisław Mucha
Germany in 2013: we hear Polish being spoken in the streets and in cafés, in cities and in the country, in North and South – and yet we know very little about the people. The two Berlin culture managers Franziska Mandel and Oliver Spatz began enquiring among their colleagues and friends, and found that every answer gave rise to increasingly personal questions. Thus the project portret}polonia was born, and was realised together with the Brandenburg education centre Schloss Trebnitz e.V.
In the autumn of 2012 filmmakers from Gemany were invited to describe Polish life in this country. The first competition ended in the winter, and a jury of festival organisers, led by the great documentary filmmaker Stanisław Mucha, nominated their favourites. Then the four filmmakers chosen – most of them incidentally with Polish roots – came to Trebnitz with their teams to develop, with Mucha, their films into a joint programme.
The result is a programme section illustrating a broad spectrum of Polish life in Germany. We travel Germany’s highways with a truck driver, are introduced to the world of the „Migrant of the Year 2013”, gain insight as to how different generations see things, and are told the life-story of an immigrant. All of them talk about arriving and staying, about similarities and loneliness, identity and self-conception, yearning and the meaning of “home”. 



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