Eastern Bloc

20.11.2012, Tuesday, 11:00
Teatr Kana, pl. Świętego Piotra i Pawła 4/5 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: East Silver

Eastern Bloc presents films about the past, present and future of Middle and Eastern Europe. It studies the historical, cultural, socio-political identity of the region, and how it translates to customs and everyday life. This year we will show two films made in Poland, which deal with more and less recent history, both known poorly. “Born for the Reich” is a moving documentary about the experiences and memories of people, Poles and Germans, who fell victim to the sick ideas of the Nazi Lebensborn organisation. “Reaching the Stars” tells about the Polish meteorological rocket research program of the '60s and '70s of the past century. The documentary film is an insightful tool for analysis. Its artistic form can be subordinate to the formulated message, it can parallel that message, co-creating the communicative meanings. The films presented in this year's Eastern Bloc give excellent grounds to talk about the methods and ideas of a documentary film director.


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