Born for the Reich / Urodzeni dla Rzeszy

Running time: 56'

POL 2011, 56'

Between 1938–1945 a sanatorium in Połczyn-Zdrój (or Bad Polzin, as it was called during its German period) was one of the many centres of the Lebensborn (Spring of Life) organisation, which existed in the Third Reich and the occupied countries. It was founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1936. It functioned within the structures of the SS. Its aim was to give birth to and raise precious Aryan children through: caring for unmarried Aryan mothers, impregnating Aryan women – German and of occupied countries – by the police or SS officers, taking the children who met Aryan requirements away from their parents living on the occupied territories. Today people who, in their childhood, experienced the sick ideas of Heinrich Himmler meet in Połczyn-Zdrój.




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